Course curriculum

  • 01

    Build Your Confidence

    • Welcome to building your confidence with Vitality!

  • 02

    Building Your Confidence - One Video At A Time

    • Intro to Confidence

    • Before: Confidence Survey

    • But first, you might want this <3

    • The Door to More...

    • [HOMEWORK] Getting Uncomfortable

    • [HOMEWORK] How are you letting people treat you?

    • [HOMEWORK] When was the last time you dated YOU?

    • [HOMEWORK] Fear of Failing

    • [HOMEWORK] 3 Easy Steps You Can Do to Build Your Confidence by Looking in the Mirror

    • [HOMEWORK] The Big Lie About Your Body

    • [HOMEWORK] Power of Saying No

    • Fantasy You vs. The Real You

    • The Rock of Vitality

    • AFTER: Confidence Survey

  • 03

    Next Steps...

    • Want to know more about Cat & Her Services?