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    Welcome to your 21 Day Challenge!

    • FIRST! A message from Cat!

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    Lets get started! Week 1

    • Day 1 (Video)

    • Day 2 (Video)

    • Day 3 (Video)

    • Day 4 (Video)

    • Day 5 (Video)

    • Day 6 (Free Preview)

    • Day 6 (Video)

    • Day 7 (Video)

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    And OFF WE GO! Week 2...

    • Day 8 (Video)

    • Day 9 (Video)

    • Day 10 (Video)

    • Day 11 (Video)

    • Day 12 (Video)

    • Day 13 (Video)

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    It's time to get serious...Week 3

    • Day 14 (Video)

    • Day 15 (Video)

    • Day 16 (Video)

    • Day 17 (Video)

    • Day 18 (Video)

    • Day 19 (Video)

    • Day 20 (Video)

    • Day 21 (Video)

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    • Ok, so I completed the challenge! What's next?

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Cat's 21 Day Challenge Testimonials

“I purchased Cat's 21-Day Challenge and I loved it! Prior to the challenge I felt like things were good in my life, but my batteries were running on low. The 21-Day Challenge was a great way to jump start my life and recharge my batteries. There is no shame in seeking help and guidance when you feel like you are in a rut. Cat is an amazing guide/cheerleader that has accumulated so much knowledge to share with her clients as you make your way through this program. She is great to open up discussions and to encourage sharing in a judgement free space. This challenge helps to refocus some of your attention on self care. Everything from being more thoughtful of your day to day actions and routines (or lack thereof), to looking towards your future. It also touches on physical and mental well being and establishing healthy relationships. I feel like I reconnected with myself and that has helped me to be more confident and it has improved my home life. By taking care of me, I found I felt happier, had more patience with my family, and I am excited for the future in a much bigger way than I was not prior to this challenge. I did the group guided challenge, and I think this was a huge part of my success in the program. As I heard stories and experiences from the women in my group, it lead to great discussions and provided ideas and advise that I applied to my own life. I have made new friends through this challenge and I love that!”

21 Day Challenge Client

Courtney G.

“If anything can help pull you out of the funk that is this pandemic -- and 2020 in general -- it is the 21 Day Challenge. With easy to follow, manageable steps and the option to modify it as you need for your own life, this program will lift you up and surround you with the support you may not be able to access in your everyday life. Cat knows what she is doing, and the women who have participated in the program will inspire you to keep going, even when you feel you might not be doing enough or worry that you're about to fall off the wagon. The skills I developed throughout the challenge are things I still use on hard days. Learning to care for and love myself, to make myself a priority, has been invaluable. In a year with so much uncertainty, this is an investment in yourself that will pay off long into the future.”

21 Day Challenge Client

Ashley L.

“The best thing I did for myself in this pandemic was the 21 day challenge. If you are stuck in a rut or having a hard time adjusting to all the changes this is for you! It has given me a lot of new prospectives and provided me with many tools to help manage the change in life right now. The other thing I've been doing is finishing up all those projects I've been procrastinating on and also gardening has been something I have learned I truly enjoy!”

21 Day Challenge Client

Kate H.

“Cat Cantrill’s programs are amazing!! Everyone should do the 21 day Challenge and move through the other programs she offers. It is seriously life changing. 💕”