Course curriculum

  • 01

    Reset Your Mindset

    • Welcome to reseting your Mindset with Vitality!

  • 02

    Resetting That Lizard Brain - With Tough Love...and Homework

    • START HERE: A message from Cat

    • Before: Mindset Survey

    • How I Did It... (and how you can too)

    • You will need this <3

    • [HOMEWORK] Brain Power...

    • [HOMEWORK] Are you worth it?

    • [HOMEWORK] You Can't Do This...

    • [HOMEWORK] Mindset Mantra

    • [HOMEWORK] You aren't broken...

    • [HOMEWORK] Are you a One Upper?

    • [HOMEWORK] Fear Vs. Love

    • [HOMEWORK] The Main Reason Why Women Won't Come To Our Studio...

    • The Prison of Fear

    • Do You Care What Other People Think?

    • The Endless Possibilities Available when you Stopping Giving a Fuck...

    • [HOMEWORK} How do you stop giving a Fuck? Here is a way to do it...

    • [HOMEWORK] The Myth of Control

    • AFTER: MINDSET Survey

  • 03

    Next Steps...

    • Want to know more about Cat & Her Services?