Inside Your Secret Wardrobe

As women get older, our closets become monuments to the women we were. We have t-shirts from college, dresses we wore on ‘that night’ so long ago… We keep costumes from lives we were going to live. We keep skirts we are going to ‘fit back into’ someday… We hide things in our closets. Sometimes we hide ourselves, our lives. Hopeful nobody will truly see… 

There is an entire group of people who consider their point of freedom to “Come out of the Closet”. It’s where we hide. 

Not only that, but we share closets with our partners. You might have to dodge your husband’s bowling trophies to get to your favorite pair of pumps. We keep our children’s baby shoes, hide Christmas presents, maybe some chocolate… All manner of secrets are in our closet. It becomes a holy place, a place of reverence, even if we don’t admit it. 

In 2015, after owning my women’s dance studio for a few years, I saw that women were struggling with what to wear. How to see themselves through the lens of their closet, their former selves… So I put together the first Secret Wardrobe classes. 

They were in person at first. But women wanted it who lived in Sydney and New York… So I put it online. Thousands of women have been through the program now. Almost every woman who is on my dance troupe has been through it. It LITERALLY Changes lives.

Here is one of hundreds of testimonials:

When Cat told me about Secret Wardrobe, I was still new to Vitality.

I thought that even though I could probably benefit from it, I didn’t really need it. I didn’t want to ‘waste’ my time on it. Then one day in class, Cat asks ‘What piece of clothing makes you feel the sexiest?’ I got thinking and realized that I had nothing in my closet that I felt really really good in. 

I had a meltdown right then and there in the middle of class. That’s when it hit me that I truly did NEED this workshop. 

Like a lot of people, I gained some weight after high school/college. I didn’t recognize the girl in the mirror any more.  

I didn’t know how to dress myself any more. I became the most comfortable in anything that hid my body, but then I would see pictures and feel disgusted. 

I saw myself the way others saw me and knew that my mindset about my body was defeating me.  I looked sluggish and insecure. 

I didn’t look happy or confident. I guess I really wasn’t. This journey was NOT easy.

 Even though I’m technically a graduate of this workshop now, I feel like I will constantly be thinking about it and growing. 

The things we learned will help with every aspect of life. It has taught me to be more ‘selfish’ and to make sure that I’m doing things for myself and doing things that make me feel good. 

Everyone talks about inner beauty, but Cat and Secret Wardrobe has taught me that it is easier to see your own inner beauty when you let it spill to the outside too. 

I will always have days that I feel down or don’t feel sexy but I now know how to refocus my energy and learn to love myself again. 

This workshop has made me a better person and I know it has done so for so many others. I cannot thank Cat enough for what she has created and I have made some amazing friendships along the way too. 

We all really bonded and support each other like no words can explain. Soooo many…. Thanks.”


Isn’t she amazing!? Any of that sound familiar? 

So here are the details. I am (DURING THIS INSANE CRISIS) offering SECRET WARDROBE at a DEEP DISCOUNT. 

WHY? Because it will help women. You are home. Address your closet. It works. 

So what do you get?

Ten weeks of content sent to you weekly that will TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. 

100% Guaranteed. Don’t like it. Ask for a refund. 

We will go through your closet (gently) and reform your life based on who you are MEANT TO BE, not on that 5k shirt from six years ago. 

You will get weekly group calls with the other women in Secret Wardrobe! Since we are DEEP INTO A Crisis, we will join together and discuss how we are DOING SOMETHING to change our lives. 

You get a new you…

You get a new closet…

You get new clothes…

You get a new life…

In the past, I have charged $1,500 for this class and women paid it. 

Right now, during the crisis, I am dropping it DRAMATICALLY. 

AND I put in a payment option. 

So you CAN afford it… 

Click the Enter the Wardrobe BUTTON, pick your payment options, then JOIN US!

Hugs, Cat

The Big Promise: You will never look at yourself the same way again... 

My Offer to You: 10 Weeks online confidence building program, private Facebook group, weekly one-hour group calls with Cat and the Group. 

Time Limit: I am setting this Anniversary Addition during our Crisis to help women. Sale Ends Sunday 19th at 5:55pm central. It WILL NOT BE SOLD AGAIN in 2020! 

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    • Week One: The Awakening

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    • Secret Wardrobe Week Two - Bye Bye Mental Clutter - Part 1 of 2

    • Week 2-Cardio- Time to DANCE with Me!

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    Week #3

    • Secret Wardrobe Week Three - Bye Bye Mental Clutter - Part 2 of 2

    • Week 3-Move Yo Body!

    • Week 3-Cardio - TWERKSHOP

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    Week #4

    • Secret Wardrobe Week Four - Loving Your Body

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    Week #6

    • Secret Wardrobe Week Six - Are you Brave Enough?

    • Week 6-Cardio-Lap Dance!

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    • Secret Wardrobe Week Seven - It's Time to Rebuild...

    • Week 7 - Cardio - FULL Dance Fitness Class

    • Week 7 - Strength Training- All it takes is 20 min!

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    • Secret Wardrobe Week Eight-It's Shopping Time

    • Week 8 - Cardio - Want to Try Some Heel Dancing with Me?

    • Week 8 - Strength- Got Another 20 Min?

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    Week #9

    • Secret Wardrobe Week Nine - YOU NEED SOME SPACE!

    • Week 9 - Cardio - Burlesque Basics!

    • Week 9 - Strength Training

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    • Secret Wardrobe Week Ten -New You, New View

    • Week 10-Strength Training

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Your Closet is a Metaphor For Your Life

Restart Your Life

Cat's Groundbreaking "Secret Wardrobe" Program walks women through rebuilding their lives, starting with reclaiming their closet.

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